Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be fit before I train?

No. I have trained many clients who have had poor fitness levels before they started to train with me. The initial health and fitness assessments will give me an indication of your fitness level and intensity of exercise that you can cope with. There has to be a starting point and I will guide you at your own pace safely and effectively. Even the longest journey has a first step!

Do I need exercise equipment?
No need for large gym equipment as I provide the necessary fitness equipment to train you. For example exercise bands and free weights for strength, step box or trampette for cardio fitness. There are also many alternative training methods that can be given with very little equipment.

Do I need lot of room?
As long as there is enough room to stretch your arms out! I have been challenged to train many clients in small spaces ! You can also train outdoors in a park or in a garden.

How many times do I need to train?
This depends on the individuals health and fitness goals. I recommend you train with me at least once a week to keep you motivated and get the results you want. During the rest of the week you will be following an appropriate training programme devised by myself and if weight loss is also your aim you will be advised to keep a food diary.


I've been a regular weight trainer for several years but my fitness has always been hit and miss. Every six months or so I'd hit the cardio hard but could never maintain the commitment and as my fitness improved I found myself getting bored on the machines. Training with Mike keeps it interesting and each session is different. Mike combines cardio with intense weight conditioning, which keeps it challenging and offers incredible results! I'd say I train at least 2 or 3 times as hard in comparison to my regular weight/cardio workouts.

Matt Saville, Design studio manager

Initially I started attending arms, legs, bums and tums class on a Tuesday which I thoroughly enjoyed and then started to attend Boxercise on a Wednesday as I wanted to lose some weight and get fit.

Boxercise was nothing like I initially imagined, it was fun, energetic and provided me with an exercise class which had everything in from boxing, circuit training and some floor work, to work on those difficult areas!

Everyone was really friendly at the classes and Michael made me feel at ease explaining some of the exercise positions and making sure your posture was right.  I eventually started my personal training sessions with Michael about 6 months ago and I look forward to this every week, ‘no pain no gain!’  Even though the sessions are hard work on all targeted areas, this has provided me with losing weight and has lowered by BMI and helps with my stress levels!  I think the gains for me have been incredible & all I can say is, Michael is an amazing trainer; who is friendly, puts you at ease and makes you laugh with a confessions slot, which is a giggle!

Karley Middleton